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Since 2015, we’ve worked with dozens of small to midsize organizations in a number of different consulting capacities. Our consulting services include the following:

Budgeting & forecasting: We help organizations manage and control income and expenses, as well as set up forecasting tools to predict the organization’s future financial status.

Financial statement projections: We review your current financial status, as well as industry trends and expectations. We create projections that include an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement that help you plan for the future.

Cash flow management & forecasting: We manage your cash flow, keeping tabs on projected income and expenses to ensure your organization can fulfill its cash obligations to suppliers and employees.

Oversight and management of the CPA audit/review and tax preparation process: We manage the tax preparation and audit/review process so that you don’t have to. Leaving this job to the experts affords you ultimate peace of mind.

Board of Directors consultation and meeting presentation: Educating your Board of Directors on financial reports is important to the overall health of your business. We prepare you for these meetings or present at these meetings ourselves in order to ensure clear and concise communication of your organization’s financial status.

Organizational management consulting: We offer our expertise when it comes to helping organizations improve their financial performance by ensuring cross-functional alignment when it comes to company objectives.

Internal control assessment and improvement initiatives: We evaluate your existing controls, identifying not only risks but the potential for process improvements and efficiencies.

General human resources management: We handle the oversight and management of your organization’s benefits and payroll, including onboarding and offboarding employees, helping you to maintain a happy, well-served employee base.

Financial institution collateral exams and audits: We coordinate and perform financial statement audits and collateral exams, analyzing books, records, and transaction details.

Special projects: We take on special projects according to our clients’ needs; past projects have included cost analysis, process improvement, loan refinance, and other forms of analyses.

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